Pilates for a  Healthy Back

Pilates Fusion 

We use the complementary philosophies of Yoga and Pilates to help you become stronger, with more flexibility and balance. Pilates moves typically focus more on core strength and flexibility; while Yoga has more balance and flexibility work.  Yoga also includes a mindfulness and breathing component that is helpful for many people. Both focus on posture and alignment.

Chair Yoga 

Tues  8:30AM

You Can Live an Extraordinary Life!

 We work closely with you as an individual to address your health and fitness goals. We use the complementary practices of Yoga and Pilates to  combine  stretch, strength , controlled breathing, and relaxation to enhance your overall quality of life.

Yoga Flow

Build Strength, Flexibility & Balance 

Mon 10:45AM

​THurs 9:45

Why Us?

Our mission is to help you build a strong and flexible body, so that you can get out and enjoy living your life.

Current ZOOM Classes


Tues/Thurs - 10:45 AM

M/W/F - 9:30 AM