Yoga Flow

Pilates for a  Healthy Back

All you need for this class is  a straight back chair. We start in sitting, with lots of stretching. This is followed by standing – either in front of or behind the chair for balance and strength work.  Can’t get down to the floor?  Worried about balance? Need to build Lower extremity strength and over all flexibility?  This is for you.

Privates & Duets

Pilates Fusion 

 Class Descriptions

This class is  designed for the mature/ challenging backs that need to stretch and strength in Physical Therapy approved movement patterns. Designed to counter-act the stresses we put on our backs in the course of our daily life (Gardening?? Picking up kids?? Vacuuming??) 

​All private sessions start with an evaluation and assessment. Once we determine your goals we will utililze the appropriate props and equipment to help you achieve your goals.

This is a basic flow class  with a combination of strength, stretch and balance. You will need a yoga mat, yoga blocks and a strap.   Should be able to transition form standing to sitting on the mat with minimal difficulty​

This class is a  mix of Pilates & Yoga.  We focus on  core and back strengthening and stretching. We use balls, bands and foam rollers to keep things interesting!​

Chair Yoga 

Privates &Classes

Privates and duets can be held in the studio or via ZOOM

Currently all classes are held on ZOOM.

Contact us  to connect and we will  send you the info.  

We like to meet with you prior to joining  a class to determine any special considerations that  you may need,