Has your doctor suggested you join a yoga class, but you are hesitant to join a community- based class?  Join this class and learn alignment basics and modifications to common poses in a small and personalized class. We will learn basic poses and modifications for various medical issues in a gentle flow class.   (NOTE: this is not a chair based class   Participants  be able to get up and down from the mat on the floor) . 


Pilates 4 Healthy Backs

A mat class designed for those folks with back problems and/or weak core strength.  We will limit range of motion, focusing on the Pilates principles of Breathing, Core control, Axial elongation, Spinal Articulation, Organization of the Head, Neck & Shoulders, and precision. Classes are small to ensure individualized modifications. Open to all levels of experience.

Want to get back to the Classical Flow class with flow and transitions? Try this Level 2-3 class that will keep you moving and get you sweating. (Must be approved by instructor)

Want to know about Pilates?  Learn the basics of the Pilates Method focusing on core work, lengthening & strengthening your muscles. Focus is on Pre-Pilates and Basic Pilates movements. Appropriate for beginners and those wishing to deepen their understanding of the Pilates Method.

Pilates Fusion
Intro to Pilates

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YOGA Basics
Classical Pilates Flow

A mix of Pilates ,Yoga and TRX  focusing on the core in all planes of movement. (Must be approved by instructor)